Find the point on the plane nearest the origin

The best way to Find the point on the plane nearest the origin is to eliminate as many options as possible.

Find the point on the line y = -2x + 3 closest to the origin. D

3 30. Find a line that is perpendicular to the plane x y + z + 1 and passes through the point in that plane that is closest to the origin. z = The

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distance from a point to a plane

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Distances and projections of points, lines and planes [Guide

3 Find the equation of the plane that contains the point A(2, 5, 1) and the line of Ok, we'll try to do better next time.

Solved exercises on the equation of the plane

α, β, γ are the director angles of the line normal to the plane and ρ is the distance from the plane to the origin of coordinates. Therefore it results

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find; a) Equation of the plane through r and through (1, 3, 8) b

An arbitrary point on the line has coordinates (x, -2x + 3). Distance from a point on the line to the origin. d = √x2 + (-2x + 3)2.

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