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In one dimension Example 1: Find the midpoint between -1 and 4. = 3/2 o 1.5. Example 2: If 0.5 is the midpoint of and the coordinate of P is -4, find

Midpoint between two points

How can I find the centric point at 3 places? How can I get P1 given P2 and the result? P1(x1,y1,z1), P2(2,3,6) M=(-1,-4,8) Is there any formula
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Coordinates of the midpoint of a segment

The midpoint of a segment represents the point that lies exactly in the middle of the two endpoints of the segment. The midpoint can be

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How to find the midpoint of a line segment

To find the midpoint between the points (-3, 4) and (5, 4), just move 4 units either from the left or from the right to get to the middle